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How to Profit From Instagram by Selling Photo and Infographic Services

How to Profit From Instagram by Selling Photo and Infographic Services

Are you an artist or photographer with a big following on Instagram? Do you have great ideas for infographics? Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue? If so, then you might be able to profit from Instagram by selling your services. As Instagram becomes an increasingly popular place for photo and infographic sales, there are many avenues that sellers can take. This blog post will give some useful information about the best ways to sell on Instagram and how it can help your business grow.

Sell photos

If you’re a photographer, you can probably find a niche in which you’re particularly successful on Instagram. For example, if you’re very particular about your artistic style, you might be particularly well-suited to offering illustrations or product photography. As the amount of pictures people are taking on Instagram continues to grow, this trend will continue and you’ll stand out as an expert in your niche. Now, some people think that Instagram’s focus on beautiful people and posts about people’s lives is a bit of a turn-off. This is understandable, but it’s also a market in which many sellers are prospering. You can make some money by offering these kinds of photo services. Instagram is very mobile-friendly, so it’s also perfect for selling your photos through Apple’s iMessage.

Sell graphics

If you create infographics or images that are in high demand, then you might want to consider selling your work through Instagram. In the same way as Snapchat works, there is a form in which a user can select a specific image and purchase it. It is not a true art gallery, but it is the closest thing we have right now. If you do decide to sell your work through Instagram, you will need to create a post and give the title, description, image and a tag for your image. Once you have given these details, you will need to tag your photo with the hashtags #infographics #photography and #item. This will allow people to see the image if they search for it on Instagram. In addition to that, you will need to provide the price you are asking. The more details you provide, the better.

Sell a service

If you’re good at giving visual solutions to problems, you can start a business as a visual merchandiser. You might create a service that creates infographics and creates photo infographics for businesses. This blog post will give an overview of how to get started and what benefits you can expect. Host Instagram exhibitions If you’re good at advertising, why not create an exhibition on Instagram? You can hold one in your own home or hire a space to put it on. This means that it’s much more likely to generate views from your followers. You might also be able to charge some money for it if it’s large enough. Share inspirational quotes This is a simple way to monetize on Instagram, as it allows you to earn money through simply sharing inspirational quotes.


There are many ways that businesses can benefit from Instagram and one of the main ways that you can benefit is by selling photo and infographic services to Instagrammers. You can use Instagram marketing tools such as Bigger Chunk or Create Digital Shopping cart to get noticed and increase your brand awareness. There are other ways to make money on Instagram including product reviews and sponsored posts. Before taking any of these paths, you should first study and understand how Instagram works.